Random Thoughts by A Random Geek
Week 17

I believe i deserve a “B”, I have stumbled made mistakes, not turned in my work however i have a B” in the class and when ever i do work and turn it in i get a “A” or a “B”. How ever because of my mistakes I also believe i deserve a C. It is however not my decision. if I have a bad grade that’s my problem, my responsibility.

Week 16

We are nearly done with the year now. My childhood has been destroyed. My preconceptions shattered. Star Wars still good, okay good, lets get this done.

This week we learned about Hamilton and Jefferson, I am a very liberal person. But his views were extreme. Hell Hamilton was a horrible person, a manipulative despot.

Week 15

This week we learned about events leading to the American War of Independence. I call it that since that’s what it technically is.

We were kinda getting riled up over nothing. OH MY CHILDHOOD!!!

Week 14

We learned about slavery and Nat Turner’s rebellion. So Nat Turner killed several families, including the children. That’s a… little extreme.

So he killed his master who was kind? I don’t get that. And so He had a “vision” from God. Hes kind of a hero and a villain. An Anti Hero if you will.

Week 13

So the Puritans… A bunch of crazy, cruel, zealots. I just love having my childhood disproved and destroyed. Seriously can I get through this unit with my childhood intact please, just leave Star Wars alone.

I was disgusted by their practices. The cruelty, the social oppression, the hate, and intolerance. No system such as this can exist for long, men shall always rise against such things.

Week 12

This week we learned about indentured servants. The Conditions were brutal, it was slavery but you were freeded after a couple of years and you got a prize.

I still don’t get this there were probably more of the servants then the owners. Why didn’t Bacon’s Rebellion work? I mean they had guns, but quanty beats quality. And why didn’t Bacon Appoint a Successor? Thats the first thing I would do if I was setting up an organization.

Week 11

This week we did the soda tax essay, I nearly have it done. And we talked about the native Americans.

I always knew that the native Americans were very advanced, I knew about farming and that they had very little disease, But I always thought both cultures were advanced, but I was surprised about the level of sophisticated of the technology, and I found out that my culture was much more primitive. I mean I never really thought about how long the Indians lived, I mean 75 years!

Week 10 

We learned about personal financing, I found out how incredibly expensive managing a household could be. We also discussed trade.

Trade is essential to our countrys infrastructure. Whether this good or bad, Its very complex. On one hand its harder for us to be independent on the other hand it shares wealth and creates jobs and we cant wage war because we rely on each other.

Week 9

This Week We learned About Fiscal Policy. Which refers to Taxes. The Fiscal Policy Is controlled by the Congress, While Monetary Policy Is controlled by the Fed.

We talked about Aggregated Demand Which is total demand. We adgusted Movie Earning’s for inflation.

Week 8

This Week We Learned About Monetary Policy. This is A way of controlling the money in circulation.

Monetary Policy controls the Money in the system. Expansionary policy is intend to fight inflation. Doing such things as Lowering Interest Rates. Contractionary  Policy is intended to slow inflation